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Spring and Summer

Posted on 2008.06.08 at 17:31
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After weeks of weather that has prompted the declaration of this being the most wet and cold June on record, today the clouds have allowed the Sun safe passage to warm and dry the things below.
On deciding to sun bathe a bit with my dog, who instinctively knows when the Sun is out and brightest and thereby demands to be let out, I had encountered something which I had not in a long time, years even.
I spied two flies mating on my deck railing. Along with the "skeeter-eaters", bees, and such, I noticed there were a large amount of flies out. Not bothering, not even somewhat in the way, they flew around my backyard or sat themselves out of most reach, all probably waiting to mate.
It is a happy thing, really, to watch a great deal go on in one's backyard, even as simple as insects mating.
I do hope to see more of the same in the next few months, for it brightens my mood, to think of happy things.


Catching up

Posted on 2008.05.18 at 13:56
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The day after my last post the weather turned terrible: wet, rainy, and cold. About a week later it snowed for three days. A week or so later, it got nice and hot again. Then it turned back to rainy and cold. This constant change in temperatures caused a few things: Summer sickness, hightening and diminishing depression, and a suspicion that it was all Eris's doing.
This week, since Thursday, the weather has been absolutely wonderful.
It was 85F the day before and 88F yesterday. It has either gotten cooler today or I have gotten used to the seasonally warm weather.

I'm doing very well in school. I'm getting good scores on my math sheets, and I'm keeping up on my reading. My extra-curricular activities, however, haven't been treated so well. While I have been putting my conlanging ahead of everything (I can't help it, ideas come to me and I must write them down lest I forget), and the cultures and languages I've created are coming along nicely, I've neglected my reading and work on Quenya, as well as my etiquette studies, which in turn are to also help my concultures.
I read a chapter of S&S the other night, I believe it was chapter XI. I intend to read another tonight before bed at a more reasonable hour - I haven't been going to bed at decent times these past few days. Some nights as late as 3am. My bedtime is at the latest midnight, so one may see the problem.

Gaia's Prom has been lovely. I danced with my love until his computer couldn't take it anymore. And I danced until I got 20 rounds and that beautiful crown. There does seem to be something wrong with the Satin Ribbon, the perfectly centered ribbon that adorns the back of one's head as the Heroine option of the Chyaku Norisu scarf, which isn't centered and looks terrible with more hairstyles (I was really hoping they'd fix it) - the ribbon is not granted from dancing as it's supposed to be. I've danced on two accounts and I've gotten the Silk Bowtie first, not the Satin Ribbon. Assuming it lag instead of glitch, I decided I would check my inventory later to look for the bow.
No bow.

Nonetheless, I plan to bother him again for another dance. This time taking a picture next to Christian and visiting the bathrooms and showing him the sights.
I shall have a wonderful photo-album <3


The Weather

Posted on 2008.04.11 at 21:56
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Today, the weather was wonderful!
After weeks of horribly cold, wet weather, today has brought Sun, heat, and cool winds.
I only regret that I wasn't dressed for it.
I wore my heavy coat with heavier boots: this made my school and shopping trips quite uncomfortable.
The good weather was openly welcomed by a great number of birds who sang until Sundown around 8pm when the temperature went from cool to cold
I can only hope that tomorrow's weather is similar, so that I might wear my lovely new slippers with a skirt and nice top. I may not even need a coat!


New quarter

Posted on 2008.04.08 at 16:56
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Today is my second day of the new Spring Quarter at my college. I'm taking a math and a English class - so far I'm doing well.
The structures for both classes seem straight forward, however I do have an issue with homework for the math class - it hasn't been asked for.
Hopefully it'll be explained tomorrow, but I'm going to keep my work nice and neat and organised in any case.

It sprinkled today. I had brought my umbrella yesterday because it's been raining terribly lately, not to mention the snow only a few weeks ago. Honestly, snow, in March??
The clouds were dark and low, but no rain fell. I felt silly carrying around an umbrella for apparently no reason and no decent way to stash it, but better to be safe than sorry - and I would've been quite sorry to walk home in the rain!
The most I got today was a slightly damp hat. It was odd though, because it was sprinkling rather hard. Sheets of little droplets would fall, but it was not rain. It also came in small bursts lasting about 5 minutes each.
Peculiar weather.

I've begun reading again. After taking a recent trip to HalfPriceBooks (How I love that store <3 ) and spending over 30$ ( o.o;; ) I've decided to choose a book to read from my last large, book shopping venture. I've chosen Sense and Sensibility. While I do like it, and look forward to reading a chapter before bed, Austen's sentences are bothersome.
I've read other classics written similarly, so I've no problem with the style, but the dragged on sentences make me lose rhythm and make the sentences sound very awkward in my head.
I'm just having trouble with single sentences which make up an entire paragraph. >.<;;
I've seen the film before hand but don't really remember details of what happens, which is coming back the more I read. I'm going to watch it again once I've finished the book, and, perhaps, swoon more of the male leads >3<



Posted on 2008.02.08 at 19:17
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Hello, and welcome to my journal.
I am 21 years old, female, and live in Washington. I have a GaiaOnline account which I frequently use by the same name, as well as a DeviantArt, YTMND, and Geocities.

I'll be coming back every now and again to tell about my day, recent happenings, and so on.
I just hope I'm not too boring xp